Monday, November 20, 2006

Day 188

My computer files say that I wrote this poem, but for the life of me, I cannot remember writing it. Mind you: I ain't complain'.


Yes, she said, of course I’ll go. I love the
Earth’s bloom in their bellies, the way

My daddy’s mouth blooms
A rose with his horn,

Yearning his way to mama’s heart.
After a world’s wander

She came home to find
Him waiting, sifting the air of

Every clue of her, hearts
Racing towards me and why not?

Each day I counted towards my plunge
& was I ever ready—

Sleek bird in flight, osprey’s
Wild bliss, sparrows in spiffy weskits

I’d hired for the party,
My party in June,

My prayer in the stillest nights.
I ask but one thing:

Need yourselves as you’ve kneaded me,
Graceful grace grown growing.

[3 July 2006
pascal / the limestone archiviste: another of mother yemaya’s babes]

It's coming back to me now.