Saturday, February 17, 2007

Day 277

In the Garden of Reconciliation:

[Adam’s Lament]

Ten Thousand Angels I walked on walking you
Ten Thousand Tears
Ten Thousand Limbs
Ten Thousand Rivers
Ten Thousand Lives.

Sweet rood,
Sweet odor,
Sweet door.

One saint carries the bowl,
The rest of us slip into silent quarry.

Red laurel buttons strewn,
Harbingers of light—
I place one under my tongue,
Feel the god of remorse that brought me,
Here, now,
Humbled in my days.

Strip my limbs as the myrtles:
I would my sinning bared,
Refreshed, &
Drunk on wider seas.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Day 271

[Chicon: My Love in Blue]

The whiter the leaf, the less bitter:
Radicchio has red; puntarelle has narrow.

Endivia: intybus—

In a dark place, accidentally discovered:
The still-living.
Completely underground, in the absence:
Only the very tip, wrapped in blue.

In the Josaphat Valley—

Green. Rimmed. Finely cut.


Variation of winter,
Rich in many,
Never mistaken.


[for tina-chicon: 2.11.07: from pascal-chicon]